Dr Muhammad Salah 

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For every person going through grief and hardship……

For every sister or brother going through a difficult period in his/her life. For those going through grief over a loss of a loved one, a divorce or break up, those who have lost their jobs and going through financial struggles, those suffering from an illness…..

Remember that there is One Who sees your every tear, hears your every cry, knows your every pain, understands the void in your heart. He WILL get you through it. For He has promised with every hardship comes ease.

Every one of us is tested in life. We might not understand why. But Allah does. His Wisdom, His Plans for us, His knowledge is beyond our comprehension. But it’s Perfect. He knows. He cares. He loves us. We just need to place our trust and faith in Him. We need to live each day and tell ourselves that with Allah’s Help, we will get through it. Never give up on your prayers, never give up on your duas, never give up on your faith. Soon you’ll reach the light at the end of the tunnel. But in the meantime, cherish what you have. Look at all the blessings Allah has given you. Whether it’s the smile on your child’s face, the food and shelter you have to get through the day, being surrounded by your loved ones, the ability to move around, get up from bed, do things on your own without any difficulties or assistance from others…….

Remember nothing ever lasts forever. We are only guests in this world and soon we will all leave. So be patient, work on pleasing Allah and place Jannah as your ultimate goal. Know that every grief, every hardship, every pain will soon leave forever with your first step into Jannah.

Take it a day at a time. Make lots of dua’s, Dhikr and recite much Quran. For the Quran brings peace and mends the broken heart and its the light that washes away your worries and anxiety. After night, there is day and after difficulty, there is relief. Just hold on. Don’t give up. Call on Him. He will get you through it. Soon, in sha Allah.

قد تكون صورة ‏تحتوي على النص '‏‎huda "Verily, with Hardship comes Ease" Quran 94:6 f Huda.Tv @HudaTVChannel Hudatvchannel hudatv Hudasatellitetv www.huda.tv‎‏'‏