الاثنين، 16 يناير 2012jesus was meassngerI MAKE THE 4 TH OF MY SERIES TO PROOVE FROM GOSPEL THAT JESUS MESSENGER OF GOD NOT HIS SON NEITHER GOD :I / Jesus teaches the devil that only the prostration to GOD , and GOD is the Lord is the Almighty alone:In the Gospel of Matthew, paragraph 4:(Up Jesus by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil, He fasted for forty days and forty nights, hungry, finally, came to him the tempter said to him: “If you are the Son of God, tell these stones to become bread!” He replied, ” He wrote: the humain do not live by bread alone , but by every word that comes from the mouth of God! “was then taken by the devil into the holy city, and stopped on the edge of the surface structure, and said to him:” If you are the Son of God, throw yourself down, because he is written: his angels save you on their hands so as not to hit your foot with a stone! “Jesus said to him:” The books also do not try the Lord your God! “.Then the devil took him to the summit is also a very high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and its greatness, and said to him: “I give you all these things that fell down and prostate to me!” Jesus said to him: “Go, Satan! He wrote to the Lord your God, bow down and prostate him alone!”.Satan was ignored, and if some of the angels came and took the serve him).In this text from the evidence of the slavery of Christ to God :1 – The Holy Spirit (the angel of the Lord that comes revelation from God to the prophets) brought up Jesus into the wilderness to test and tempted him to disobey the devil and respond to it, and he knew his methods of seduction for warning her, and impossible if Jesus is God or that God, as claimed by Christians to take the angel to teach him !! How fear the evil of Satan, the creator of the heavens and the earth will need teach?!2 – Jesus fasted forty days and nights and hungry .. Is the Lord’s fast and hungry!! Or is the Lord God must be rich for everything else .. He says in the Qur’an in the falseness of the fact that Jesus and his mother as gods:(74) The Messiah, son of Mary, was no other than a messenger, messengers (the like of whom) had passed away before him. And his mother was a saintly woman. And they both used to eat (earthly) food. See how We make the revelations clear for them, and see how they are turned away! (75) ! Who needs food, not be God and Lord and Creator, because Lord God must be rich for everything else, no doubt that people eat and drink and urinate and shits .. Is god described by that? Is it not those who say that the divinity of Christ and the Lordship of the mind to distinguish between the Lord God the Creator all mighty all lack the needy and the poor helpless human??3 – made him the devil tempted him, saying to him: If you are the Son of God truly Turn these stones into bread .. To eat any of them after the hungry, Jesus stated that he (not live by bread alone rights, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God).And the meaning that it is not live by bread alone man that is real life is not what greets the body only, but real life, including salutes the spirit who believes in God and the work of his own words he is the living truth, and the infidel, who lives for his belly only it is dead in apparent neighborhood, as he says in the Qur’an: { or who was dead and and made him alive and made him walk in the light as if people like him in the darkness is not outside of them ‘ie, not equal this and this .. It was dead any disbelief we made him alive any faith and made him a light of any guidance and the law known the right from wrong, and the guidance of the error, and the polytheism of uniformity, and righteousness of corruption, not sits this and who is lost and not guided by the lives of the world just does not distinguish between the trap and standardization, and guidance and misguidance, and good and evil……4 – words of the Son of God, which came in the Gospels and the holy books of Christians entirely clear, which must be returned to the rightness , this word is (the Son of God), used in Jesus, and his followers, and every believer ingod is an infidel by .. Has been alleged by both Jews and Christians all as he says in the Quran: {The Jews and the Christians said we are the children of God and His beloved}.This word bear two meanings: sonship guidance, and faith, and honor, which is what they call the filiation spiritual, and said in return: the sons of the devil, and the sons of snakes, as stated in the Bible to describe the Jews (sons of snakes), and everyone knows they are not the sons of snakes of the descent, The devil of steel, but attributed to snakes to their plots and their danger, and their venom, and their lies.And the ratio sons to God for guidance, conciliation, labor law of God, and guided him to walk on, and his light to light house slaves, the Messengers.The second meaning of the sonship of descent, and the Son, which is a piece of his father, and a few from him.There is no doubt at all with the heart, and faith, and insight, the distinction between the Creator and the creature that the second meaning Mentv from God Almighty, it is not between God and one of His creation sonship ratios never, exalted far above that, and if this word is: (Son of God) circle in meaning between the sonship-honor , and faith, and sanctification, love .. And the sonship of descent, birth, and partial, so the word is here entirely clear who should be worn to the arbitrator does not change its meaning, and pronunciation arbitrator is not to be mean but one, is not different from the people of the tongue in it, nor the people of the mind on the real meaning.We cite here, dozens of the evidence from the Bible itself that the word (the Son of God) contained in the Gospels, and in the books messengers of Christ – peace be upon him – what I want them only sonship of honor, and sanctification, and dignity, and love, and it does not belong to the sonship of birth .The words of the devil .. recurrent (If you are the Son of God) is one of this section. And that is what Jesus to his disciples: – (and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you for you will be sons of your Father who is in heaven) (MAT the 6 / 45).And peace be upon him said: (When you pray go into your room, close your door, connect it to your father who is in secret, and your Father who sees in secret will reward you) (MAT the 6 / 7).Like this so many words attributed to Jesus peace be upon him, and saw all he had used a name (the father) in the expression of God in the sense educator, who HELP believing slaves and not in the sense paternity ratios, Almighty GOD far above that….5 – the words of the devil to Jesus,: “If you are the Son of God throwyourself down because he is written: his angels save you on their hands so as not to hit your foot with a stone!!” Jesus said: (He wrote also: do not try the Lord your God)! .In this text the adoption of Jesus to the devil on the previous text of the Word of God, and it is intended, and if it is meant by this, how is he is the Son of God, or God as they claim and argue that his qualities and his work are the qualities of the Lord and his work and then said to him: (his angels for you) !!Does God need the Lord to recommend it, and that the angels save him, protect him and not be hampered by a stone!!, And do needs to be protected by angels from falling but in need of a slave humiliated poor?!!….6 – words of Jesus – peace be upon him – in response to the devil has also written: “Do not try the Lord your God!”This is the greatest evidence that Jesus believed that God Almighty is the Lord, a God and that it does not improve in the sense that to try it ask him something to look if he can it or not? If Jesus – peace be upon him – is God as they claim it so he will try who ?! Do he experiment with his father?! and see if he protect him of stones is seen or not? Or try the his self is seen if he can jump over the structure to protect himself from falling or not? .Is there evidence of this I declare that Jesus – peace be upon him – to disown the power, and makes God alone is the owner power, and that alone is Lord and God….7 – the devil invite to Christ – peace be upon him – to worship him!! And he has yet to see him off the mountain is very high all the kingdoms of the world, and greatness: “If I give you all these Jthot, and worship me!” The words of Jesus in response to it: (Go, Satan, has written: worship the Lord your God and serve him only) in which evidence of the corruption of Christian belief in the divinity of jesus and His Lordship so much it is: -A – Show the devil by the kingdoms of this world, and observing them, even if Jesus is God or Son of God said to him: I am the owner, and the Creator, which is me, at my disposal? But what the devil that was originally dared to say to God, I give you this that worship me!! ..B – How wonderful to order the devil Creator of the heavens and the earth to worship him!! Christians are not ashamed of reading these words!! Shame not to think of the divinity, and divinity to be accompanied by the devil, and offered him worship him in exchange for lower-owned.C – if Jesus is God or Son of God for His answer to Satan’s offer this to say: It has come down in the books of the former prophets: “For the Lord your God, worship and serve him only.”Are there any of this I declare that Jesus called to the worship of God the Creator of the heavens and the earth, and that Jesus is not worshiped but god , and worship only Him, the Almighty.8 – and words of the Gospel, “was ignored the devil, and some of the angels came to him and they took they serve” a new guide on the slavery of Christ, the one who needs the service is poor slave in need, and they came to him , not invit them , this suggesting that God sent them to him, and they were they serve , did not come to worship Him, the angels worship the Lord Almighty , nor servekokicat في 11:37 صمشاركة