Lets know our GOD.‎‏ مع ‏‎A Samad Khan‎‏ و‏‏13‏ آخرين‏.

In this era of technology, you may not believe me more than in the words of scientists and technologists!
Lets see what they have to say?
Top Scientists comment– Quran from God !!

With regret one has to admit, the Christianity adulterated, fabricated and interpolated the Original Christian scriptures, so much so that today you can find several thousand versions of copies, but no Original Manuscript. creating Chaos, Confusions and Controversies with respect to the identity of God Almighty.
“As a matter of fact Christianity has been the largest source to produce the ATHEISTS, due to these reasons.”
We requests Christian brothers, to consider Evidences, Scriptures in original form that the religion of Peace (Islam) offers, kindly use them to combat and enlighten the Atheists Brothers and Sisters
Lets keep our differences aside, let the Atheists at least say there is God who is responsible to create and run the Universe if really by any chance Christian missionaries need to talk about to implement the word of God on the face of the earth !!