Are you guys ready for all the wonderful and amazing blessings of Ramadan?
I can’t image life without Islam(worship of the Creator and Not the creation) and the blessed month of Ramadan say Alhamdullilah (all thanks is to God).

Did you know that every messenger that Allah sent out of His love and Mercy did and called to Islam(submit your will to God) and fasted as we do in Ramadan?

Islam is the natural and original way that started with the first man Adem and continued with all the prophets and messengers including Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and the last and final Messenger Prophet Muhammad peace be upon them all they All called people to worship the Creator and Not His Creation (Islam) and to be morally right and good human beings doing good deeds.

Islam is for everyone Islam is for All get to know Islam It will provide you with the purpose and all the answers to life. Call and ask any questions you’d like don’t be fooled by haters who only call to deception and hate learn the truth 1-800-662-4752


Instagram post by Eddie Redzovic • May 26, 2017 at 10:51am UTC