‏‏Sheikh Ahmed Deedat – الشيخ أحمد ديدات‏ مع ‏عائشة باجا‏ و‏‎Abass Abdulai Salifu‎‏‏.

A Christian woman asked:

I’ve been told that women in Islam wear a veil because in that way men will treat them respectfully.

I see the veil as a form of oppression, because why should they have to cover themselves because of the weakness of men?

Shouldn’t they be treated with respect regardless, could you please explain the veil and did Mary have to wear a veil?

Answer by Ahmad Deedat:

Madam .. Madam
Your bible says that the woman must cover her head, and that the woman who does not cover her head must shave of her hair. Your bible says that.

And your bible says that she must not be allowed to open her mouth in the church.

But that’s just churches, they don’t believe all that. And your people don’t believe in that.

So you are inviting trouble.

Because of this, in America no woman is safe after dark.

No woman is safe in France, during daytime women have been raped in the street, and people just walk by saying: ”oh maybe they are just enjoying themselves.”

The nuns, the women from the catholic church, nobody gives them a second look. If Mary the mother of Jesus came along, you wont give her a second look.

But those woman on your commercials with bikinis g-strings, it’s attracting all the men.

This is the nature of men, God made us like that. The thing that allures men more than anything on earthly existence is women.

The Quran says:

Beautified for men is the love of things they covet; women, children, much of gold and silver (wealth), branded beautiful horses, cattle and well-tilled land. This is the pleasure of the present world’s life; but Allah has the excellent return (Paradise with flowing rivers, etc.) with Him.[3:14]

The first thing mentioned by Allah is WOMEN, then children, then gold and silver, then horses, cattle and well-tilled land.

But the first thing is WOMEN. The Quran says that the number one thing which allures men the most in this world is women!

And this is true.

Look at the advertisements in the west. One company was selling second hand trucks, and on the trucks that they advertise, there was a woman in bikini op the top of the truck.

Another company was selling tractors by advertising with a woman sitting on top of the tractor.

What has a woman in bikini to do with a second hand truck or a new tractor?

Nothing, the woman is merely being dangled infront of the man so that he reads the advert.

BMW had a advert in the newspaper, where you see a BMW car, with a woman in the skimpiest of bikini’s. She’s standing in front of the car and it says on the bottom of the advert: ”Test drive her now.”

This is what the west is leading themselves to.

The westerner sells his own mother, his wife, his daughter. His wife is a star and she’s been banged on the screen simulating rape.. and they enjoy it.

They enjoy their wife being simulated in a rape scene, it’s not real rape, and you know it’s being simulated, but you can see eveverything about being raped, your wife, your mother, your daughter, and you enjoy everything about it because your wife is now a star.

It’s sick, sick, sick!

Alhamdullilah we havn’t come to that sickness yet. We Muslims try to keep away from it.

This is your pleasure, your privillege. We have no right to force you.

But we are saying that you are playing with fire my child, and you are going to pay the price, you are paying the price now, and you will pay the price later.

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