The Prophet (Peace & Blessings Be Upon Him) Said: “… Whoever Fasts In The Month Of Ramadan Out Of Sincere Faith, And Hoping For A Reward From Allah, Then All His Previous Sins Will Be Forgiven.” (Al-Bukhari)

Brothers & Sisters, Understanding The True Purpose Of Ramadan Is Extremely Important If We Desire To Be From Those Who Enjoy Its Benefits And Are Granted Forgiveness From The Most Merciful. Please Don’t Lose This Beautiful Month By Watching Useless TV Programs Or Listening To Music Just To Entertain Yourself Or Waste Time. We Need To Spend Every Second Of Ramadan Doing Righteous Deeds. Ramadan Is A Month Of Self-Discipline, Change And Improvement While Controlling Bad Habits And Giving Up Previous Sins.

If You Come Out Of Ramadan Without Seeing Any Changes In Your Character Or Deeds, Then You Have Truly Lost A Fortune.

May Allah Guide Us To Observe The Month Of Ramadan With True Faith And Devotion.

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